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But beware, as many users know inverter based machines are not particuarly reliable or have a long life, (more on this subject to follow).Our OXFORD MULTI-ARC portable range make a very sensible alternative to the inverter, they offer superior welding performance on MIG & other processes, similar to the best EU or USA inverter but without the reliability issues of an inverter.

, pulse MIG double pulse standard MIG ARC welding, 270A - 410A in compact & separate wire feed dual voltage 230V & 400V.

They are generally cost effective, reliable, perform well, have a long life span.

Also a good quality basic MIG machine is electrically efficient in design so power consumption is about as low as it can go.

There are also many other quality made European & USA made machines you can consider, however we recomend avoiding the low cost imports, despite giving the impression of being made in the EU etc mostly the low cost machines are now made in the Far East, even some a the big names have gear made in Asia, they often weld quite badly & are not built to last.

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If you need a MIG welder with portability is the number one priority then we suggest consider a quality EU or USA made inverter machine.

We dont ever want to make unreliable machines with a short life! We have developed our own unique solution, OXFORD HYBRID technology. This technology is not totally new & some of the largest American manufacturers use similar designs in their most industrial machines.

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